By Tim Lawrence

This is from the campaign to stop the Metrobus needlessly trashing soil and community (both wild and human) in Stapleton.


We are Rising Up


We are the trees,

Conifer, poplar, ash and oak.

We are the birds,

Jay, magpie, kingfisher, wagtail and raven.

We are the animals,

Squirrel, badger, vole, field mouse and human.

We are the soil,

Earth, leaf, fungi, microbe and worm.

We are the insects,

Butterfly, moth, ant, fly and bee.

We are the plants,

Beetroot, comfrey, plantain, dandelion and doc.

We are the elements,

Water, sky, earth, fire and void.


We the inhabitants of the Frome Valley, of this city, of this land, call on you

You, the Mayor,

You, the  West of England Partnership,

You, the Councils of CUBA,  

You, big businesses and property developers of Bristol alike,

We call on you to change your mind, your priorities, your designs

Let us live in peace, in harmony, in tune,

Bristol needs us more than your bus routes for big business.


Hear us, listen,

change your ways

Whilst you can.

Heed our cry

Consider what you do,

be careful,

be warned.


Desecrate, destroy and defile our nest and home, our kith and kin, and know that:

Our life blood, our sap, our young will cry out against you!


Remember this and know:

The land is ours, and

We have the power, and 

We will rise again.

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