It's been nine months since the beginning of our research project Going Local Going Green and during this period Cai, Holly, Jo and Tim have spent time exploring the overarching themes of Food, Nature, Health, Land Use and Economy within the city of Bristol. Below you can access our articles and findings at your leisure.

Our exciting news is that in early 2016 we will be releasing a short documentary following Jo and Holly and their exploration of the 100-mile locavore diet. All will be revealed in the new year...

- Jo and Holly undertook the locavore diet - 100 days of eating within 100 miles of Bristol, including an article dedicated to our findings,

- Tim has been exploring Sleeping outside in the wilderness,

- Cai reflects on what local means to him and asks 'Where is the local food?',

- Tim thinks about how we source local organic food in our current food system and asks 'How could we produce more vegetables for sale locally?',

- Holly headed to Glastonbury Festival and returned with a sense of kinship from the local community,

- Tim responded to the controversial Metrobus plans with a poem - We are Rising Up, and reflects on the good stuff: Soil,

- Cai gets close to his plant friends and dreams for a future with plants, and Tim asks 'How can plants help to heal us?"

- Holly confronts her monthly cycle and starts talking loudly about menstruation,

- Jo gets into storytelling and the truths behind the tales,

- Holly reveals the 5 things the locavore diet has taught her and Jo reveals the truth about going local,

- Tim trangresses Bristol's boundaries to confront the bioregion and starts to think about the different views of the local,

- Holly notes her privelege when it comes to eating locally, and questions the politics of food,

- Holly and Jo headed to the Bristol New Economies Summit to learn about our Pennies and Pounds,

- Cai looks at indigenous rights and land rights - a different kind of economy,

- Holly thinks about urban goat farms, and takes a moment to reflect on her Action Learning journey - and her lost lemons.

- We have facilitated workshops at the Feed Bristol Land and Food forum, Roll for the Soul Live, and Kuumba Live. Read more about our workshops here.

You can read our findings on the locavore diet on the Soil Association blog, Our views of the local and reasons to have more urban goat farms on Indie Farmer, and the project more generally on the Bristol Food Network,


We'd like to offer a huge thanks to everyone for all of your support. This has been an incredible journey so far - and we can't wait for 2016 and the new perspectives it may bring to the table.

Do say hello to us on twitter and facebook - and drop us a note if you have any questions or comments.