Recently we've been busy talking about Going Local Going Green with various groups of people. As part of the project we're really keen to get feedback from you about our findings to date. Part of this is to guage whether our findings are interesting to others by engaging our audiences in workshops and relaxed discussion around the issues we're researching. We're available to talk at events, run workshops and facilitate discussions on any of our chosen themes (Nature, Food, Health, Economy and Land Use). We hope to keep everyone up to date here on our blog, but if you'd like to be added to our mailing list or find out about having us to speak at an event, do drop an email to

Land and Food Forum - Going Local with our Food System

In October we ran a workshop at Feed Bristol's Land and Food forum - almost exactly 6 months into our year long project. We used this as a chance to reflect on how we’re doing at the halfway mark. The day drew a varied audience, from families to growers, academics and food activists. To fit in with the theme of the day ‘resilience within our food system’ we discussed how we were getting on with the locavore diet (the 100 mile diet) and the issues around sourcing our food from the local area. We also spent time thinking about how nature, health, land and economy relate to food, and where they might play a role in our food system. Splitting into 4 groups we discussed the following questions:

  1. What can we do as individuals and communities to support local food more?

  2. How can we incorporate wild food into our lives more?

  3. How does our approach to local food change if we think Bioregion rather than Bristol?

  4. From a perspective of health and nature what are the implications of supporting local/ non- organic or non-local/organic food?

Roll for the Soul LIVE - Menstruation, rewilding, the locavore diet and our bioregional history.

In November we were invited to spend an evening at Roll for the Soul - each of us choosing one of the subjects we've been looking at in depth for a ten minute talk inbetween musical acts: Jo chose local food and the locavore diet, Cai discussed the potential of rewilding, Holly opened up about menstruation and Tim introduced us to the radical hsitory of our bioregion.

Following this, we were invited back to Kuumba Live on the 21st November for the day long live creative platform. Over an hour and a half we split into two workshops - one on menstruation and one on bioregion. The audience were incredibly engaged, open and knowledgeable about both areas and we hope to follow this up with some further workshops.

To get involved just get in touch via - we'd love to see you at one of our future events!