Going Local Going Green is a year long journey of discovery of what it means to go local and go green by a small group of local residents passionate about being and inspiring others to be, agents of change in their communities and the city of Bristol. 

The different backgrounds, motivations, skills, and experiences of the team members will bring colour, texture, and richness to what it means to go local and go green, encouraging others to explore their options and take steps toward making Bristol a better habitat to live in.

What we hope to achieve...

Going Local, Going Green is designed to appeal to and benefit a wide range of people, communities, organisations and cities in a number of different ways.

  • Firstly, our primary audience are Bristolians. Our work aims to inspire and equip individuals and groups from all walks of life in Bristol and to reflect and act on what it means to go local and go green. By delving into the specifics of the daily life and society of the participants and the city, the research hopes to highlight and profile the interests, activities, opportunities, and challenges facing the households, communities, networks, projects, and organisations that the team works alongside. 
  • Secondly, by covering local groups, projects and initiatives that already exist and by using them as illustrative examples and case studies, the research aims to introduce people to these organisations and showcase their activities. It also hopes to motivate people to get involved with other initiatives according to their specific, needs, interests and location.
  • Thirdly through using holistic and anthropological methods, the observational and questioning insights the team produce is aiming to be of interest to those considering the wider influences of culture, systems and structures on the policies and practices of sustainable initiatives. This will be on multiple levels from neighbourhood, through to city, bio-region and beyond.
  • Fourthly, Going Local Going Green will demonstrate and present the Action Learning methodology as a person-centred model for pursuing environmental, social and economic change for both people and organisations of Bristol and other cities.